Friday, April 28, 2017

A Texas Sized Show-&-Share-a-Palooza!

Two finished Charlotte’s Baskets were shared during our workshops at Stitchin’ Heaven quilt shop in Mineola, Texas!

Last year when I was here, there were 4 tops shown, and now two made it back as completed quilts.

As much as I love seeing the quilts, I love seeing the folks that made them even more.

It’s like a cherished home-coming to see everyone and catch up with what’s been going on, and hear the stories of kids getting married, the arrival of grandbabies, the long awaited retirement finally happening, so much living going on in between the times when we are able to see each other.

As much as I love the quilting, the PEOPLE are really the best part.

And our Show & Share moments at the end of our lunch break are just the icing on the cake!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Recharging, Day 2!

This is the barn (And outhouse in the way back) seen at the end of my lane way, just as we turn off the road and head on up to the cabin.

It belongs to Barbara, whom I finally met yesterday – her little old house is right across the street from where my lane turns off of the road.

She has the cutest little white house – front porch and all, and I can tell that she dearly loves working in her yard because her flower beds that surround the porch are already thriving now that spring has arrived.

Returning in the dark on my last visit after running errands with Jason, I saw how her pathways are all lit by solar lights giving off a soft glow.  In the country where there are no street lights, this was a beacon to me!  I had worried about knowing where to find my entrance in the dark, and Barbara had lit the way all along.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Out Of Gas!

Not literally out of gas.

Figuratively. Emotionally. Physically.  Mentally.

I’m running on empty after spending the past 3 weeks on the road and loving every minute of it.

After finishing all of the mail order, and getting the Straits of Mackinac quilt off of the machine, and trimmed up – ready for binding, Sadie and I hit the road and headed for the cabin in Virginia around 2:30pm.

I’ve hit the proverbial brick wall.

This morning I could barely get up out of bed –but the birds started their morning song EARLY and I was up around 6:30 to see what the morning would bring.

I made a little video to share with you the beautiful morning sounds – the running creek below, the birds calling out to each other, the fog and low slung clouds burning off bit by bit as the sun begins to rise over the mountain ridges.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What a Sweet Retreat!

My feet are back in North Carolina!  But I left my heart near Eustace, Texas with a group of wonderful ladies who are still on retreat at Green Briar Creative Retreat Center!

From what I can gather, once you are on the calendar at Green Briar, you never want to give up your slot for the next year or there is little hope of finding another week to fit you as they are fully booked all of the time.  These ladies from Marshall and Longview, with a couple of adopted-into-the-fold friends from Alabama have been meeting here together for years, and I can see why!
Green Briar Creative Retreat Center, managed by owner Judy Groom, welcomes guests with warm hospitality, genuine comfort, professional service, extraordinary convenience and exceptional value.
The Perfect Location:

Monday, April 24, 2017

Tres Amigas Go Antiquing!

I am taking a break from posting workshop photos after workshop photos –dealing with slow internet (a small inconvenience while being on retreat!) and the fact that I have an early departure this morning means we are going to shift you from our regular programming and throw in a bit of fun that I had with Sherry and Irene from the time we left Grapevine, all the way until we reached Mineola, Stitchin’ Heaven and beyond!

Irene met Sherry when she moved from San Antonio to Louisville, and I met Sherry when I went to visit Irene, and we all got along as if we’ve known each other forever.

We sing in the car to the oldies.

We laugh and laugh like teenagers.

We are a great team!

And we all love to look out for quilts, machines, sewing notions, antique linens and depression glass.

With this in mind, we made a beeline for Fort Worth.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pineapple Blossom at Stitchin’ Heaven!

Hello from Greenbriar Retreat in Eustace, Texas!

I finished up my time at the fabulous Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop after our Pineapple Blossom Workshop was over, and was shuttled down the road about an hour’s drive where I’ll be spending today teaching Scrappy Mountain Majesties to another fun group – and benefit of benefits, I get to spend a couple of retreat evenings (Last night and tonight) just hanging out and playing along side these quilty gals while they sew!

Our day was full yesterday, as busy big workshops are, but I did get a bit of time to catch a few colorful shots of the beautiful array of bolts in the front of the shop!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jamestown Landing–Stitchin’ Heaven Style!

I’m having a Texas sized round up of fun in Mineola, Texas – home of Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop!

Yes, this bull stands proudly to the side of our classroom space, flanked by a quilty Texas Flag and wearing the quilted banner sporting the quilt shop’s very recognizable name.

If you’ve been to Houston for Quilt Festival, ,it’s likely that you’ve stopped to also have your photo taken with this silent, gentle beast.

He’s HUGE! I try to imagine transporting a stationary longhorn and I just can’t wrap my head around it! 

He kept silent watch over us while we quilted up a storm in our Jamestown Landing quilt from String Fling.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Fun in the After Hours!

Happy Hour to some might mean sitting at a favorite watering hole with a discounted adult beverage and snack food to wind down the end of a busy day.

When it comes to a busy day involving a very full workshop, happy hour means making good use of the time before the antique mall and the quilt shop closes and getting in what fun we can before the lights go out and doors are locked.

In this case – we had just enough time after our Talkin’ Turkey Workshop in Grapevine to head on over to The Antique Market and then over to Must Love Fabric in Grapevine to pet all the pretties before meeting up with several of the guild ladies for dinner.

I’m posing behind the counter with the quilt shop staff and workshop coordinator Kathi for an impromptu photo!  Thanks for the great welcome, ladies!  So good to see you!

We had 2 hours to fit it all in.  Could we do it?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Texas Talkin’ Turkey Kind of Day!

There was a whole lot of Turkey going on in Grapevine, Texas yesterday!

Our event was sponsored by the Bear Creek Quilt and was full to the brim with 47 quilters from all over the area.

This was my third trip back to Texas in just as many months –January, February and now April.

If you are going to visit Texas, APRIL can’t be beat.  Bluebonnets, Tex-Mex & BBQ!

((And friends, and antique malls!))

Sunshine and gentle breezes.

April in Texas is wonderful!